What jobs are available? Education Assistants
to assist with teaching & learning in classrooms
General School Assistants
to help with Infrastructure Maintenance, offer Psychosocial Support
/Counselling and as Sports & Enrichment Assistants
How many jobs are
+- 197 000 Education Assistants (EAs)
+- 95 000 General School Assistants (GSAs)
How long is the contract
5 months
(approximately 1 November 2021- 31 March 2022)
How much is the stipend? They will be paid a stipend of R3827.44 per month minus UIF contribution of
Which schools are
included in the
Public Ordinary Schools & Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN)
schools in 9 Provincial Education Departments (PED’s)
Some schools may choose not to participate in the programme
How many opportunities
are there per school?
There will be a minimum of 10 / 15 assistants allocated per school depending
on the size of the school.
Who should apply? • Aged 18-35 (must not turn 36 before 31 March 2022 – except for LSEN
schools where there is no age limit)
• Must live walking distance from the location of the school
• Only one opportunity can be taken up per household
• Must not be employed, studying or training (even part time)
• Must NOT be receiving government grants (NSFAS, Funza Lushaka, other
COVID grant/s)
• Cannot have a criminal record
• They must meet the criteria per job category
What are the categories
and sub-categories?
CATEGORY: Education Assistants
• Curriculum
• ICT/eCadres
• Reading Champions
CATEGORY: General School Assistants
• Psychosocial Support/Counselling – Child & Youth Care Worker (CYCW)
• Infrastructure Maintenance (Handyman)
• Sports and Enrichment Assistants (SEA)

What are the criteria per
Education Assistants : must have at least a matric
• Curriculum
at least 40% (level 3 pass) in the subject they will be placed in
• ICT/eCadre
work seeker should have passed IT as a subject in matric OR have a
qualification OR a certificate course in IT
• Reading Champion
work seeker should have passed English at matric level and have a passion
for reading
General School Assistants :
• Psychosocial Support/Counselling -Child & Youth Care Worker (CYCW)
work seeker should have passed matric or any of the Health profession
• Infrastructure Maintenance (Handyman)
work seeker should have a passion for infrastructure maintenance related
jobs environment (no matric requirement)
• Sports and Enrichment Assistants (SEA)
work seeker should have a passion for working with learners, passion for
Sport or Arts (no matric requirement)
How do young people
apply for the positions?
Can I walk into a school
and apply?
There is only one way to apply for this opportunity and walk-ins to the schools
are discouraged
Go to (zero rated) and register. Once you have registered
you will be able to apply to a school near to where you live on the mobi site.
You cannot apply by visiting the school in person – if young people are not on
the SA Youth system they will not be able to be paid.
I was a part of the
previous DBE opportunity
in 2020. I performed well
at my school – do I need
to reapply or will I
automatically get my job
Everyone needs to re-apply for these positions regardless of whether or not they
have worked in this role before.
You can apply to the school where you previously worked. If you performed well
this will obviously count in your favour in the interview.
When will they hear back
if they have been
If you have not heard back from a school by 24 October 2021 then unfortunately
your application has not been successful.
Once I have registered on how do I
Once you have registered on the site – the DBE opportunities that match your
location will appear automatically. Alternatively you can search under
“Education Assistant” or “General School Assistant” & find an opportunity close
to you.
PLEASE NOTE: if you apply for a position that you live too far away from to walk
to, your application will not be successful. ONLY apply to opportunities that you
are able to walk to every morning

The mobi-site says that I
am already registered on
the site but I have never
If you have previously registered on or on you will
automatically be registered on So just log in using those details.
If you can’t remember your password select the option “Forgot password” and if
you are using the phone number that you used when you originally registered
you will receive a link via SMS to reset your password.
If you have changed your phone number you will need to use your email address
to reset it. Otherwise you can call 0800 727272 for help re-setting your
password. (Please note that over this time we will be receiving a LOT of phone
calls so you need to be patient)
I am having trouble
applying on the SA Youth
mobi-site, what do I do?
You can call SA Youth toll-free from 9am – 4.30pm Mondays to Fridays on 0800
Or you can email them on
Or reach out to them on Facebook
How will I know if my
application was
Once you apply, the mobi site will display a message saying that your application
has been received. This is your confirmation – plus if you try to apply again it will
tell you that you have already applied.
How do I know if my
application is successful?
Those shortlisted for an interview at a school (these are not “successful
applicants” but rather shortlisted applicants) will be contacted by the relevant
school (not by SA Youth ) to invite them to an interview.
Once young people have applied – they must not contact SA Youth to ask if they
have been successful. The interview and selection process will be managed by
the schools – NOT by SA Youth.
What documents do I
have to supply and when
/ how do I supply it?
If you are shortlisted and are invited to an interview at a school you will be
required to bring:

  1. Certified copy of your ID
  2. Matric certificate (where applicable) or other NQF 4 or higher qualification
  3. Your CV
  4. A testimonial eg. From a former school, local chief, church leader, or
    previous employer
    What additional
    information will be
    required from me if I am
    These documents will be required after young people have been successful in
    their interviews (Do not need to bring to 1st interview):
    • Police clearance certificate (to submit within 2 months of appointment);
    • Declaration letter from applicant confirming that the applicant is:
    o Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)
    o Not receiving any other form of salary/wages
    This will be issued by schools at appointment stage
    How are people being
    Applicants are shortlisted based on their eligibility:
    • Matching the criteria (age, qualification)
    • Proximity to school
    • Community involvement

What happens if I don’t
live near the schools that
I applied for and get
If you misrepresented your address and proximity to the school you will be
terminated with immediate effect. So please make sure that the address details
listed on SA Youth are correct!
When does this
programme begin?
Interviews for the various positions will start from 11 October 2021 onwards.
Schools will contact those they want to interview.
Once selected work will start at the beginning of November.
Schools I wanted to apply
for did not appear when
searching, can I still be
assisted? I applied at far
away schools due to that.
You will only be considered for schools that are within walking distance from the
home address we have for you. All schools that are a part of the programme
were loaded and available on the system. If you mis-represent where you live
and cannot walk to the school you will be terminated immediately.
The toll-free number is
just ringing, no one is
answering, is it working?
Our toll free support line is open 9am-4.30pm if you are struggling to get
through we may be experiencing higher than normal call volumes. Please note
you can apply for this opportunity, update your profile & reset your password
yourself through
You can also chat to us via our SA Youth Facebook page or send us an email via
I applied on Moya App,
Tshepo 1Million & not SA
Youth Mobi, will my
application be
Yes, you can apply on SA Youth, Harambee or on Tshepo 1 Million but only SA
Youth is zero rated so it won’t use any of your data.
Will the successful
applicants be vaccinated?
It is preferred that all successful applicants are vaccinated before they start in
the schools. Applicants are all in the age bracket that are eligible for the vaccine
and should visit a vaccine site closest to them to get the vaccine.
Why are students
excluded, especially
distance learning
This intervention is meant for youth that are Not in Employment, Education, and
Training (NEET).
Where do I report
nepotism / corruption
experienced in the
appointment process?
You can report this to the DBE directly.
Email them at:
This email address will be active from 1 October 2021

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